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Nightwish -- Allentown, PA -- May 3rd, 2009

7 Days to the Wolves
Dead to the World
Dead Boy's Poem
The Poet and the Pendulum
The Islander
Last of the Wilds
Dark Chest of Wonders

Wish I Had An Angel

Pretty sure this is right. No Siren, Escapist, or Ghost Love Score played definitely. The venue was really small, but surprisingly the sound was really really good. I think they were having problems because 2 guys kept going on the stage fixing stuff or something and before Nemo Marco said "we have to talk bs for a while while they fix that" and someone was in the back with jukka. Then Anette said "yes we are doing the best we can" and they started on Nemo. Don't know if this is what caused them to miss out on the 3 songs or if they just completely dropped them from the set list.

Also volbeat was pretty good despite them all having the flu as the singer said, but I never listened to them before so don't have their set list.
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