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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
The show on the 1st leg of this tour in Orlando was AMAZING for crowd reaction. They had the crowd in their hands like Megadeth, Maiden, and Ozzy seem to do. Dragonforce can work a crowd, and their crowds love them. You could say it's due to the fact their "crowd" is 12-14yr old Guitar Hero kids, but in Orlando there were a lot of Older Teens to Mid-40's there. You could tell true fans of Power Metal support Dragonforce.
If a crowd were true Power Metal fans that would be cool, but from my experiences its 12 year old GH fans and their parents. And with KSE a ton of obnoxious KSE fans. And at Mayhemfest the only people really paying attention to Dragonforce were the 12 y/o GH fans.
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