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Dragonforce -- Buffalo, NY -- May 1st, 2009

For starters, the crowd in Buffalo was simply terrible and I would appreciate them dying in a fire. I went up from NYC to see this show, I got my money's worth...but Dragonforce didn't get the show they deserved. Next, Daath put on one hell of a show, and they all seem like pretty cool people. Got a few fist pumps from the guitarist . Next was Cynic, the band I dreaded most. They looked so uncomfortable on stage. Thank god their set was cut a few songs! Next was Dragonforce. They weren't as strong as the last performance when I saw them in November, but 6-7 straight months of touring seems tiring. Also, Fred was sick :\. Here is the setlist, knowing it by heart AND I got the setlist off the stage from the same roadie who gave me guitar picks at the last show

Heroes of Our Time
Operation Ground and Pound
Reasons To Live
Fury of The Storm
The Warrior Inside
Keys Solo
Revolution Deathsquad
Soldiers of The Wasteland
Last Journey Home
Strike of The Ninja
Valley of The Damned
Through The Fire and Flames

Definitely an amazing show, and worth the total of 18 hours on trains and the ton of money I spent while in Buffalo. BUT, I'm NEVER going back
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