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Originally Posted by Butcher of Birth View Post
Before going into "Death In Fire", Johan (singer) said "Oh yes, so we played up in Atlanta the other night ::BOOOO!:: I don't know man, up there they were pretty loud, loudest date on the tour. ::BOO!!!:: Are you louder? ::HUGE POP:: Are you LOUDER?! ::Twice the Pop!:: That's why we love Florida, and most of all Orlando. You guys are the baddest and loudest mother fuckers in all of North America! We made the mistake of missing the south the 1st time around ::BOO!:: But let me tell you... We will NEVER make the same mistake again!"
They said the exact same thing in Atlanta but they compared us to North Carolina...and said we were the baddest and loudest mother fuckers in North America. I think they say that at every date.
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