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I saw them two weeks ago in Fargo, and they were the one band on the bill that I was interested in seeing. Having now seen them I would NOT pay to see a headlining Cynic show regardless of what songs they did or did not play. It was one of the most disappointing metal shows I've ever been to. If they made even the slightest attempt to be entertaining I didn't notice, and the singer's nervous, awkward between-songs commentary didn't improve the situation in the slightest. If you're that shy what in the name of god are you doing on a stage? Sorry, but showmanship really does matter. Dragonforce, on the other hand, turned out to be a spectacular live act... and I'm not even really a fan!

I agree that the guys in Daath can play. If they'd fire Cookie Monster and get a SINGER!!! then they'd probably be a damn good band.
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