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Paganfest -- Montreal, QUE -- April 29th, 2009

I skipped Swashbuckle cuz I was not interested in seeing them at all.

Scarlet to Snow
The Sword
This Rounds On Me

I think they played 1 or 2 more songs but I went outside cuz I figured This Rounds On Me would be their last song. Great live band I encourage everyone to check them out.

Jumalten Kaupunk
Unohduksen Lapsi

I was kinda dissapointed in Moonsorrow. I think they were missing a guitar which kind of affected their sound a bit. They were good but I think I just expected more from them. It was also dissapointing for me cuz I prefer their music post Kivenkantaja and they didn't play much of that stuff.

Empire Falls
As Rome Burns
The Golden Spiral
The Coffin Ships
Heathen Tribes

Band of the night. What an amazing performance. The singer really does pour his heart and soul into his performance and his voice is just massive. The drummer really impressed me too. I had no idea there were so much impressive drumming in their music. They are definatly a live act. Not many people knew who they were but I think they won a lot of people over towards the end. They also played another older song but I only know their last 2 albums so I couldnt tell you the name of it.

Korpiklaani (incomplete and not in order)
Journey Man (opener)
Happy Little Boozer
Tuli Kokko
Wooden Pints
Pellonpekko (which was my favorite)
Let's Drink
Beer, Beer

I know there was more but I don't know most of their song titles and I don't know their whole catalogue. They were ok, but to me they got old after about 5 songs. They're definatly a fun band though and if your a big fan I'm sure you'll love them. I just didn't like how it went from Primordial singing about their ancestors and giving such an emotional performance to Korpiklaani singing about beer.

All in all the show itself was worth it for Primordial but last year's Paganfest was much better in my opinion. If Eluvetie was still scheduled after Primordial it probably would have been a better balance but oh well, I'll wait for their fall tour.
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