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Originally Posted by b_halperin View Post
i have one word to describe this album: letdown

I could not tell that this was the same Chimaira! Their riffs were slow as shit! I really was anticipating this album and am very dissapointed. Ressurection was almost godly, but this album just does not compare. They took their thrash status and said "fuck it lets change it up a bit." Some people will be proud of them for experimenting on this album. I have no problem with bands changing up their sound, but this was way too much of a change. I was hoping it would at least be headbang-worthy, but I could barely muster a headbang through most of the songs. Ressurection was the peak of their careers, and hopefully this was just a big mistake which the band will realize later on.

Chimaira - The Infection gets 2/5 stars (for giving it their bestest shot)
I could not agree more. There are OK parts here and there, but its so weak compared to Chimaira and Resurrection, and it almost sounds "core" at times.....ugh

All in all, it was a huge letdown.
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