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I was there last night as well. I don't know why in the hell almost every show I go to in KC has to have rain or fog or like last night a little of both but enough complaining about that.

Got there during War Of Attrition from GF. I know not everyone is a fan of GF but I really enjoyed them a whole bunch. I wished they would have been able to get more time than they did but I still enjoyed them nonetheless. Very happy to hear "Empire Of The Gun" which I really love of Earthsblood.

I really enjoyed Municipal Waste. Just really heard there music probably about 3 weeks ago and from what I recognized I loved it. The crowd was pretty dead for them. They are a band that is better fitted for a smaller club as opposed to a several thousand seat theatre. Never heard anyone tell the crowd to high 5 the person next to you. Nice when you can go to a show and still see something new.

Finally got to see Children Of Bodom after all these years. I sure felt bad after seeing the first 2 songs and thinking Alexi really must be hammered tonight. Then found out he broke his shoulder and then felt bad. I have nothing but respect for him to play through the pain. Just by looking at him you could tell he was in alot of pain. Regardless though I'm not the biggest COB fan. I'm really only familiar w/ probably their last 3 albums but do know some of the other stuff as well. I found the setlist a bit of a letdown. I was hoping for Sixpounder or Needled 24/7 and never got it. I would probably give them another shot since he was injured but still didn't leave super impressed.

Now as for AILD... I saw them @ Warped Tour a few yrs ago and I enjoyed their 20-30 min set but this one kind of dragged on for me. I thought they were pretty sharp but every single song w/ breakdown after breakdown kind of got old after awhile. I'm not even being like that b/c of the whole Christian thing either I just really don't care for them that much but they were still enjoyable. I thought that Bodom would have played before them but still not a big deal. A shorter set would have made them more enjoyable.

LOG was flat out amazing and the crowd was absolutely hot for them. The one drawback for me is that 7/15 songs were from Wrath which I give them credit for wanting to play new song and they are probably getting tired of playing them but still half of the setlist might be a little excessive. Not sure I know of too many bands that will use half of their setlist on new songs... not counting like Dream Theater or something that have 15 minute songs. Not all of the new songs seem to translate quite as well live IMO. But still I thought they did great, crowd ate them up and they only seem to get more popular all the time which is absolutely great.

Overall a pretty damn good show from top to bottom, not a single weak band on the bill. I know the majority of you probably have never been to the Uptown but there was a guy that jumped/fell off the balcony, he did it not once but twice!!!
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