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Look, you guys - I just have to say something here. I mean, of course I would like to hear Mother Puncher and / or Blood and Thunder just as much as the next guy. In fact, maybe more since I am a self-proclaimed fan of their older stuff more than the last couple of albums (although they have both grown on me).

But have you actually taken a look at the set list you're all whining about?!? It's TWO HOURS long, for Satan's sake!!! The only other band I know of in recent times who has played an entire album live and also a whole bunch of other stuff in one long mega-set is the mighty Slayer. Now please, I'm not trying to start a Slayer / Mastodon comparison fest, here - that would be ridiculous. I'm just saying that it takes a hell of a band to do this, and I just can't believe all the bitching I've heard over the set list for this tour.

I'm going to see this show on Saturday night, and you jerks are killing my buzz, man!!!

Actually, I am kidding. I am going to have a blast regardless of what they play.

IntrOnaut + Kylesa + Mastodon (for two hours!) = Awesome

All of the above for twenty bucks? Off the charts awesome.


...and lest anybody try to call me a fanboy, let me cut you off right there. I'm just as discerning as anybody on this board, probably, and sometimes even notoriously difficult to please. But I also know when I am being blessed beyond reason for the money I am spending (case in point: this show).
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