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It's almost starting to look like "Bladecatcher" and "Colony of Birchmen" are like the "pre-encore" songs on this tour. What I mean is, they seem to be playing all of the other songs on this list for every show. It's almost like they are making the decision to kick the second set off with the two above songs based on the crowd's reaction to the first set (i.e., does this crowd seem to like Mastodon's more recent material?).

Anyway, I just want to hear as much Mastodon as possible. Period. I'm so stoked they are playing this sick-ass double set for every show...can't wait for Saturday night!!!

Is anybody getting full set lists for Kylesa or IntrOnaut? I've seen one or two partial ones and that is it.

9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
9/5 Old Man Gloom
10/28 Acid King
11/13 Windhand
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