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Since Lamb of God has chosen to play a second show at philadelphia, somebody on the other forum said they wanted be surprised if lamb of god threw in a bunch of b-side songs. If I saw this show, I would want their set to be as follows:

1. A Devil In God's Country
2. Pariah
3. Blood of the Scribe
4. Boot Scraper
5. 11th Hour
6. Bloodletting
7. Resurrection #9
8. Pathetic
9. Blacken the Cursed Sun
10. Broken Hands
11. For Your Malice
12. Forgotten (Lost Angels)
13. Requiem
14. Walk With Me in Hell
15. Again We Rise
16. Choke Sermon
17. The Subtle Acts of Murder and Persuasion
18. In The Absence of the Sacred
19. Break You
20. Descending
21. Vigil
22. Ruin
23. Black Label
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