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Honestly, this is basically what I'm hoping for. I will now attempt to map out what I would consider the perfect new Maiden album:

1.Uptempo track, similar to the past 4 album openers at this point. 4-odd minutes.
2.Uptempo track, somehow like Rainmaker followed Wildest Dreams 4-odd minutes.
3.longer, more epic track. 6-8 minutes.
4.Midtempo average length song. Something pretty much totally absent from newer Maiden material. Wasted Years, Flight of Icarus, and things like that come to mind. 4-6 minutes.
5.longer, more epic track. 6-8 minutes.
6.Up tempo song. 4-5 minutes.
7.longer, more epic track. 6-8 minutes.
8.Something ball-like. The closest thing I can think of would be Out of the Shadows. Maiden don't often do ballad-type stuff but I think they're great with it and Bruce usually shines here. 5-odd minutes.
9.Meh, not really sure. Could go for something long and bombastic or another uptempo or midtempo track.
10.Something superly bombastic. Maiden do a lot of long songs, but I'd kill for them to throw something at us that's got a shitload of different sections and passages and clocks in over 10 minutes. Especially since the possibility is there for this to be Maiden's last album, I'd love for them to give this a shot.
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