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I don't know, sometimes I think people just get too picky about things like this. When you consider how many other bands have long careers and never really change their sound, Maiden are hardly standing alone. Especially considering that for the first 15 years of their career, Maiden never went more than 2 albums without changing or evolving. There's nothing wrong with finding a formula that works and just working with it for a long period of time. Being that I've heard people argue that every single reunion album has been one of the best or best album Maiden have ever done, I'd say it's been working. Do I hope the new album will elaborate and cover new territory? Of course. But I also know that even if they give us a batch of songs in the vein of the last several efforts, it will be a great album, even though it won't be ground breaking in any way. And to tell you the truth, I'm perfectly fine with that.
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