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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Alright, you are entitled to your own opinion. Repetitive? I'll give you that one. Uncreative? Yeah, I guess.

However, if you like Brave New World and Dance of Death, A Matter of life and Death can NOT be horrible. I'm sorry, but I'm using your own logic against you here. If they are treading the same waters is it uncreative? Yes. But if you liked it the first time, even if you don't like it again, there is no way you can hate it, unless you are one of those douche bag people who thinks that if something isn't as different as it can be, it sucks on principle. Also, I strongly beg to differ about the sound being boring in the first place.

I do agree with the general sentiment that the newer records sound quite alike, and could use more uptempo songs and a few fresh ideas. But if you liked Brave New World and Dance of Death, calling A Matter of life and Death is logistically impossible, unless you are hating it on principle.

I did like Brave New World and Dance Of Death, but I also noticed that Harris was basically doing the same thing on X factor and Virtual XI. So I'm thinking, alright Steve, time for you to move on. And he never did.
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