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Originally Posted by Wizzbang11 View Post
He never said that was "all he does", did you even read the post?
Like it or not that stupid fucking sound is the most iconic thing about disturbed, and having actually seen them last summer I can confirm that they do indeed use it in a lot of their songs, if not most of them.

I don't blame LoG and Disturbed for not having intelligent lyrics, their target audience/ music style is not into that. Napalm Death are a grind band who originally included a member of Carcass and have worked with other "intelligent" people for the rest of their career. Grindcore is often centered around political lyrics, like was said in a previous post, because it has a lot of roots in punk(and its subgenres) which were often completely devoted to political/social lyrics.

Napalm Death>>>>LoG and Disturbed

maybe grindcore should start saying thoes brillant political lyrics instead of growling all the time.
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