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I think The Whisper would be a great opener then Neue Regal. I remember seeing them open for Metallica on the Justice tour and almost 10 thousand people signed a petition to hear Surgical Strike and they played it because of that.

I haven't seen them live since strictly because most times they were opening for Dream Theater or whoever and their setlist was a total joke. I'll never understand the fascination with Eyes of a Stranger, Speak, I don't believe in love and revolution calling. Those songs are repetative and boring with unintelligent lyrics to me. In the context of the album they fit but in a live show they're boring. Seriously the chorus to IDBIL is the worst chorus of ANY QR song ever. Those lyrics make Anvil look like mensa menbers. hahaha

My point is if they had only been playing The Needle Lies & Spreading the Disease along with 1 or 2 of those AND Surgical Strike, Whipser, Nightrider, Deliverance & Warning I would have seen many more QR shows. I assumed Geoff just couldn't sing them anymore since he struggles with Take Hold of the flame...
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