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Originally Posted by GWAR654 View Post
1.Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
2.I Cum Blood
3.Fucked With A Knife
4.Skull full of maggots
5.Sentenced to Burn
7.Shredded Humans
8.Rotting Head
9.Blowtorch Slaughter
10.Bloody Chunks
11.Meat Hook Sodomy
12.Entrails ripped from a virgin's cunt
13.Bent Backwards and Broken
14.Pit of Zombies
15.Make Them Suffer
16.Five Nails Through The Neck
17.To Decompose
18.Evisceration Plague
19.Stripped Rapped And Strangled
20.Hammer Smashed Face

you like 3 of the worst bands i have heard
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