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Mastodon -- Indio, CA -- April 18th, 2009

Turbonegro came on right before Mastodon and them
being my favorite band i thought they where amazing

(what is rock? intro)
1.All my friends are dead
2.Do you dig destruction
3.Self Destructo bust
4.Atom Bomb
5.Are you ready for some darkness
6.Rock against ass
7.Get it on
8.Wasted again
9.Fuck the world
10.Age of Pamparius
11.Back to dungaree high (w/ Nick Oliveri)
12. I got erection

Crack The Skye(album)

mastodon kinda let me down i mean they played really well
just no headlining encore and im a fan of the older mastodon stuff

they did play with a screen behind them showing videos the whole time
that was cool
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