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Originally Posted by BlackmoreOfBowling View Post
You know, I'm all for opinions on this here internet as well as this here message board, but the level of sheer ignorance displayed in the topic post is really just too much to begin to fathom; namely these especially detailed segments..

And this is on a show where DragonForce; a band known for pulling out every stop known to man in the studio, but not even coming close to achieving the same live, is sharing the bill..

Yes, I think it's been established that you'd prefer DragonForce's lead singer..

This reveals that you have never even tried to listen to them before. The highest level of ignorance is to reject something that you know nothing about. Perhaps never even attempted to listen to any other music at all. If you did, you would understand how much more talented Paul Masdival is as a truly diverse artist in a field where diversity isn't necessarily known to frequent in comparison to DragonForce's overhyped crew of video game buffs. Cynic may not incorporate the traditional death or power sound, but I would not consider DragonForce as a 'metal' headliner either (I consider them "Butt Rock").

Coming from the same guy who praises DragonForce, Pot Kettle Black.

hell of a first post!
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