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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I don't at all. I don't want to go to a show knowing which songs they're going to play. Playing the same setlist every night serves the fans who only give a shit about the hits. If you want the same big songs every night, go to a pop concert.

When I'm a fan of a band I know all of their songs, not just the same collection everyone else knows. And I want to see them play them.

Not every concert in every city has the same fanbase where it would be "fair" in a sense to throw in a surprise here and there. I would be pissed if another city got a "better" setlist than mine. I think it's only fair everyone sees the same show, considering we're all paying around the same price. Changing songs per tour however, should be expected. Of course they'll keep their main hits for those people who have never seen them, but every band usually adds surprises in per tour.
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