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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I hope you do know that in order for the song to be in the game, the makers HAD to ask the band, so you can't argue that they had nothing to do with its inclusion.
I hope you realize that by "video game" music, I don't mean that it was IN a video game, I mean that their music SOUNDS like old nintendo game music, played absurdly fast and ridiculously. If I meant that it was IN a game, by that logic about a dozen bands I actually like would also be shitty video game music, which the are not. Dragonforce is "shitty video game music" because their music sounds like, as I said, the soundtrack to a really ridiculous old school video game, not aided by their complete wankery and guitar noises, and the fact that their music sounds like it was made by cheese-tastic robot machines that have come fuck music in the ass.
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