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Originally Posted by SilentSoldier144 View Post
But if the band disapproved, then the makers of Guitar Hero would make their own version of TTFAF and other songs, making Dragonforce look bad. They do the same with all Black Sabbath songs, ever notice that? I'd rather have my original song available for others to play on a video game instead of a terrible remake.
That was a financial issue. Remember, Guitar Hero didn't start off as a multi-million dollar cash cow. You notice as the series went on, less and less covers were on, until World Tour where ALL of the tracks were master recordings? Because, for the first Guitar Hero - do you think they'd be willing to shell out royalties for master recordings of Black Sabbath, Cream, Deep Purple, Pantera, ZZ Top, Boston, Incubus, etc. tracks, if they had no idea how well the series was going to sell? The fact that it's made over a billion dollars now means that they CAN afford to risk it and do all master tracks, but they couldn't do that at first.
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