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Queensryche -- Seattle, WA -- April 16th, 2009

*I was not at this show, but I found the setlist on the Queensryche Fan Club forums*

Rage For Order suite
Neue Regel
The Whisper
I Dream In Infrared
Screaming In Digital
Walk In The Shadows
I Will Remember
Surgical Strike
American Soldier suite
The Killer
If I Were King
Man Down!
Dead Man's Words
Home Again
The Voice
Empire suite
Best I Can
The Thin Line
One And Only
Hand On Heart
Silent Lucidity
Jet City Woman
Anybody Listening?
Take Hold Of The Flame

Some notes I gathered from the forums:
This was the first time 'I Dream In Infrared' and 'One And Only' were played live.
The new guitarist, Parker Ludgren, did well and the band also used the background vocalist/keyboardist from Geoff's solo band, as well as his daughter for 'Home Again' and the drill sergent for 'Sliver'.
Apparently, Wilton now plays from stage left and also does most of DeGarmo's solos, according to the reviews.
Also, I heard on Rockline when QR performed a few weeks back that they would be playing every song off of the three albums (RFO, AS, & Empire) and that they would make two setlists and switch every other night...or something like that.

Either way, I can't wait to follow them around NJ/NY/CT and see them in a few weeks!!
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