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Dream Testament Setlist

Was listening to some Practice What You Preach and The Gathering, and I decided to post my first dream setlist, one of my favorite bands, Testament. Enjoy, feel free to post your own!


1. Eerie Inhabitants
2. Into The Pit
3. Practice What You Preach
4. Envy Life
5. Disciples of the Watch
6. Trial By Fire <-----------------approximately 60 minutes
7. Face In The Sky
8. Souls of Black
9. Raging Waters
10. Alone In The Dark
11. Musical Death (A Dirge)
13. Low
14. Dog Faced Gods
15. Demonic Refusal
16. The Burning Times
17. More Than Meets The Eye
18. The Evil Has Landed
19. Afterlife
20. Jun-Jun <--------------approximately 60 minutes
21. Murky Waters
22. Hail Mary
23. Allegiance
24. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
25. Legions of the Dead
26. The Persecuted Won´t Forget
27. F.E.A.R.

A fresh 2 hour set of great classics and awesome new ones. Since I tried to be realistic in time, I had to take out Over the Wall and The New Order, since they are commonly played and I would rather hear different ones since I´ve heard the aforementioned before (they´re still fucking awesome though )
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