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Valley of the Damned was a decent cheesy power metal album. It was pretty good for a debut album, and actually had a bit more variation than the stuff they've put out since. Back then is basically just seemed like they were a really cheesy band that played very fast, kind of a novelty, but nothing major. The second album was a bit more overdone, but still listenable once in a huge while. Then after the whole stupid Fire and the Flames Guitar Hero thing, it all just blew up WAY the fuck too big. Inhuman Rampage took things past the point of no return in terms of making shitty hyperspeed video game music. Not to mention the retarded fanbase this band generally attracts. I liked the first two albums enough to warrant a trip to see them in early 2006, but it was one of the only shows I've ever walked out on. It was awful. I was just bored beyond all belief, from the likeness of the songs to the sloppiness of the playing. I don't believe either guitarist has ANY substance whatsoever. Any pointless skills they have are completely canceled out by their inability to write any kind of decently memorable melodies, leads, or solos. At the very least, at least other wanky guitarists built on speed have the decency to at least be extremely proficient, unlike them.
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