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DragonForce -- Anaheim, CA -- April 15th, 2009

Wow where to start. I got there late so i missed pretty much all of the first band. I got into the venue and found an ok place by the left bar when the guitar player from the band comes out of nowhere right in front of me and plays the final note. then hands the guitar to some kid. that was sooo kool. Their music can suck for all I care, the guitarist is one hell of a nice guy!

The second band, Cynic, was the worst band i have ever seen live. Even Lauren Harris was better than this pile of shit. i thought only one of their songs were decent. Each one sounded the same and were slow as hell. Almost made me forget i was at a metal show. They fail.

DragonForce made up for the shitty opening band. They kicked ass as usual. It was one of the most fun performances i have ever seen. the pit was actually intense unlike the Wiltern show back in November.

DragonForce Set

Heroes Of Our Time
Operation Ground And Pound
Reasons To Live
Heart Of A Dragon
The Warrior Inside
Key Board/Guitar Solo
Revolution Deathsquad
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
The Last Journey Home
Strike Of The Ninja
Valley Of The Damned
Through The Fire And The Flames

The set was lacking some great songs (Fury Of The Storm, My Spirit Will Go On, Black Fire... etc) But other than that they did a good job picking songs. Overall the Wiltern show was better but the fans at this show were really into it. There was a sad wall of death attempt during the last song. Oh well, we tried haha
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