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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Fastest? No. If people think that's fast, they should check out Mohammed Suicmez of Necrophagist (who I love), or maybe Chris Arp from Psyopus (who is so fast, I actually find their music difficult to like, because I can't even wrap my feeble brain around it ). Then there are not only the guitarists (both of them) but also the bass player from Origin. Those dudes are all sick. No, Herman Li is not the shit. He ain't bad, but he ain't the shit (IMHO).

I'm not arguing with that, but the common view of Dragonforce within mainstream media, music fans, and 12 GH players is that their guitarists, especially "the asian one", are the fastest.

Valley of the Damned is a great power metal album, the others arent so great, but none of it is mindblowingly fast, or amazingly musically impressive in any regard.
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