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Music as a Weapon IV -- Lowell, MA -- April 15th, 2009

Wow, what a fucking show! All the bands were fucking sick!

I got there at about 3:00 and some band was finishing up, didn't sound too good. A local band Prospect Hill played next and they were awesome! After their set I met the band and got my pic taken with their vocalist. I recommend you people check them out. For some reason Crooked X didn't show up and another local band, Breathe played and they were pretty good, better than Crooked X would have been. Bury Your Dead took the stage after that and kicked fucking ass! I bought a BYD shirt and got all them to sign it. They're cool guys and they put on an awesome show. They played around seven songs but from what I can remember they played:

House of Straw
The Color Of Money
Eyes Wide Shut
Losin' It

Spineshank took the stage next and also kicked ass. Those fuckers looked stoned out of their minds. I remember a few songs.

Violent Moodswings
New Disease
New Song

After that Suicide Silence came on and fucking rocked the place! Damn they sounded fucking awesome, and put on an excellent show. Full set:

Bludgeoned To Death
Wake Up
The Price Of Beauty
The Fallen
No Pity For A Coward

Wow, so the side stage kicked ass, and it was time for the main stage! Lacuna Coil opened and were actually pretty good, they played for about 25 mins. Full set:

To The Edge
Fragments of faith
Our Truth

Chimaira took the stage next for about a half hour and played the same set they have been playing, minus Resurrection.

Killswitch took the stage next for close to an hour and fucking kicked ass! Damn they put on such a good show. Their set:

A Bid Farewell
Fixation on the Darkness
New Song
Rose of Sharyn
This Is Absolution
The Arms of Sorrow
My Last Serenade
My Curse
The End of Heartache
Holy Diver

Finally, Disturbed came on and played their 90 minute headlining set. They put on a fucking incredible show as they always do. I can't wait to see them on their next tour. What a show! Their setlist:

Just Stop
Meaning of Life
Land of Confusion
The Night
The Game
Inside The Fire
Ten Thousand Fists
Drum Solo
Down With The Sickness

If you're undecided about going to this tour, fucking go! Every band was amazing and it's worth every dollar you spend.

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