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hey Maiden33 what is your band called? are you in atlanta? I have a band in Nashville (called Noisecult, a cross between Motorhead style rock/punk and stoner rock stuff...)....we have about 25 songs we pull from, most shows we get to play about 11-12 and there are about 4 songs people always want to see and if we drop one of em they will ask me about it later...haha..which is cool to have any songs people want to hear....but to the thread, I think it would be cool to see AC/DC change out a couple songs from time to time....I have seen them multiple times on each tour since 83 and they have always at least swapped out 1 or 2 songs as the weeks went one.
But andrew_metalhead is right most people are going to see this show 1 time, maybe their first time ever seeing the band so to them the setlist is great. least you guys are getting "Shot Down in Flames"..the US didn't get really I guess they did change the set up a little once...
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