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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Well I'm afraid it goes even deeper than that...they somewhat "disavowed" the Remission stuff as well, since they only played one track from that album! No Crusher Destroyer, no Mother Puncher, etc.

Still, I guess it's hard to complain if they are playing for approximately two hours. I'm just not that much a fan of their last two albums (and did you notice that the 2nd mega-set is more than 50% material from Blood Mountain?).

I just hope they play this much material on May 2nd, and I guess I'll be a happy Mastodon camper. I know I'm also super stoked for both Kylesa and IntrOnaut (<--their last album made #5 on my best of 2008 list), so there is really no way I can lose on this show!

I was talking to a friend who saw them on the third night and he couldn't remember the whole setlist but he said they played both "megalodon" and "mother puncher". So it looks like they are mixing it up a bit night by night.
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