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Originally Posted by Pastulio_ View Post
You don't happen to have the Kylesa or Intronaut setlists as well, do you?
I'm afraid i don't. I don't know the names of their songs.. although they both put on spectacular sets. I was especially impressed with Intronaut and will be checking them out further.

Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Was there an intermission?
Sort of.. they left the stage after "the last baron" and i thought they would come back for just an encore.. but it ended up being more like a full second set!

Originally Posted by EchoesOfDecimation View Post
I can't believe they played "Hearts Alive" on top of all the other songs, that's insane.
I couldn't believe it either! They had already played two 10-minute plus songs in "the czar" and "the last baron".. and then to end the show, they played a perfect full length "hearts alive" for like 14 minutes
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