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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Thanks for that info! I should check out the real Queensryche then. And yea Robert (rjturtle9) kept telling me that this and this song is from a concept album and stuff like that .. I'm not really a huge fan of the whole concept album idea. It becomes too operatic sometimes. The only concept album I ever liked was Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

But I'll try 'The Warning' anyways.
Amusingly, as someone who loves concept albums (if they're done well I should say), I think Seventh Son is a pretty concept album. It's a great album, probably in my Maiden top 5, but from a conceptual perspective it's got absolutely nothing on albums like "The Crimson Idol" by WASP and "Streets" by Savatage... or Mindcrime. But that's neither here nor there.

Yeah, I just think The Warning is the best place to start with Queensryche. It has more identity than the material on the self-titled EP, is considerably less experimental than Rage For Order, less bombastic and conceptual than Operation : Mindcrime, and less pop-oriented than Empire.
I think The Warning is one of the best metal guitar albums out there, and is basically the sole reason I consider Chris DeGarmo and Mike Wilton to be a collective big influence on my playing and writing. It's got a lot of identity and depth to it, yet it's still definitely "metal" enough that it never seems fluffy and faltering.
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