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Kreator -- Worcester, MA -- April 10th, 2009

I walked in on Epicurean, and had I known, i would have been earlier. one problem was having to go back to the car for my pen so i can record the setlists. Sounded pretty good, i will have to check them out in the future.

Warbringer, from CA, was next. Another band i might have to check out. They played 5 songs, and they used Epicurean's drummer to stand in for their drummer who broke his arm.

Belphegor - second time seeing them. Either the singer is getting tired of the growl or i can understand it better. because i was able to make out "Massachusetts" and "We are Belphegor" after the first song. I saw the singer outside having a smoke when i was leaving and he seemed rather approachable if one desired to approach.

Exodus - first time seeing them.

Bonded by Blood
"Old school fans teach these young fucks" A Lesson in Violence
Children of a Lesser God (prefaced with a rant about Obama wanting us dead)
War is my Shepherd
Toxic Waltz
Strike of the Beast

Kreator - another first for me. this is a band i totally missed the bus on as well as being EXtremely late to the party. nevertheless, i'm glad i had the opportunity to check them out. well worth it.

Hordes of Chaos
Extreme Aggressions
Voices of the Dead
Enemy of God
Destroy What Destroys You
Pleasure to Kill
People of the Lie
Coma of Souls
Violent Revolution
Terrible Certainty
Amok Run
Riot of Violence
Flag of Hate/Tormentor

I liked how the singer referred to the band as "The Kreator", accenting the "tor".

Right before they came on, i had a kid question how big of a fan i was of Megadeth (since i was wearing a Megadeth shirt). my response: "there are some bigger, but i am quite big".

Kid: "what was your earliest show seeing Megadeth?"
Me: I first saw Megadeth supporting Judas Priest when they were touring for Ram it Down. (now that i think about it, it might have been Painkiller)
Kid: what year was this?
Me: 80 or 90 something.
Kid: Fuck You! (good naturedly)

Then he was saying something about being an old schooler, so he could say that he saw kreator in 2009. my response was "that's why i'm here". and hopefully i wasn't too much of a dick. then another kid wanted to tell me about how Mustaine signed his back (i think that's what he said) or something. I had to unplug my earplug to hear him. I'm like "Cool", and back to the show (Kreator was on). Again, hopefully i wasn't too much of a dick.
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