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Originally Posted by Palabra de Dios View Post
I'm guessing that this is based on the magazine Revolver, which has proven time and time again that it really has no idea about heavy metal. At all. At all. What a fucking terrible "awards" collection is that?

Best drummer, Vinnie Paul Abbot? Not even close. Proscriptor McGovern from Absu destroys everything that guy's done in his whole career. Easily.

Best "underground metal" band = Isis? I like Isis and all, but shouldn't they have been getting that award like 7 years ago, when Oceanic came out? Maybe...but only maybe. This award should go to an actual underground band Lord Weird Slough Feg. You know, a band that not many has heard of, still tour shit bars, but fucking kick ass? How about that?

Best album, Metallica? Miss.

Best riff, Slipknot? Fuck you.

Most "mindblowing guitarist", Kerry King? Slayer may be 'classic' and all but Kerry King is one of the most overrated guitar players of all time. He can't even remember those fucking "in the key of random" solos from the Reign in Blood days. What about really fucking talented guitar players like Mattias IA Eklundh or Jørn Viggo Lofstad? Terrible.

Best new talent: Suicide Silence - probably the worst award of all...horrible band.

Best international band: Dethklok. Not only are they fictional, but their creator is fucking American. They missed the point completely. How about all the awesome metal still coming out of Scandanavia, France, Germany, and the UK? Assholes, morons, idiots.

I can't believe that anyone with half a metal brain would support this mockery of a metal "awards" show.
More or less my sentiments, Jorn Viggo Lofstad is pretty damn amazing I have to say.
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