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Anyone else happen to catch this show in St. Petersburg, at The Garage? I never thought I'd see Destruction get so little crowd reaction...I'd say at least 60% of the crowd was hovering back near the bar, as far away from the stage as possible. At one point Schmier even asked them to come up to fill in space, but they just sat there. Only the front row banged their heads, and only like 4-5 of the same people moshed throughout the entire show - there would've been one more if my knee wasn't fucked up that week All in all I highly recommend boycotting this venue, it fucking sucks - the P.A. system blew out during 'Devolution', and the sound quality in the place was just sloppy overall. Still, it would've been easy to overlook if the entire crowd didn't just stand there staring at the band. Ridiculous. BTW, 'Urge (The Greed of Gain)' is heavy as HELL live, 10x better than the studio version.

Sucks ass that my first time seeing Kreator, Exodus, & Belphegor will be at this little watering hole. Hopefully the crowd will be a little more energetic...I can't imagine an empty floorspace for 'Coma of Souls'.
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