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Goatwhore -- Hollywood, CA -- April 8th, 2009

I can't name one song by goatwhore. I went for the shear purpose of having a fun time. Goatwhore blew my fucking mind.

It was my first time being at a gig at the Knitting Factory. It is a compact location, and makes the show feel very intimate and fun.

Burning the Stake opened. They really have great potential. It was a fun set to watch because the crowd was really into them. They seemed to be worshipped in the local scene.

Infernal (Something) went next. Terrible, just god awful. They kept calling the crowd lazy for not moshing. They were wrong, they just sucked.

Ascension went next. My friend and I weren't really into them, so we we just chilled near the bar. (13 years old )

Crematorion hit the stage next. They were shooting the show so I gave it my full energy headbanging. I saw the setlist posted on the stage, and took a picture. I'm exhausted right now and don't feel like finding my phone and copying the setlist. I'll have it up by tomorrow.

Goatwhore hit the stage promptly next. I had no clue what to expect. They were amazing. They interacted with the crowd in a way that only they can. Halfway through the set, nobody was moshing. I pushed my friend and he pushed me, and like magic, within seconds, the moshing began and continued throughout the rest of the concert. It felt good to start something like that. I high fived the singer many times as he was so close to the audience. It felt like he, and the rest of the band, were in it for the experience far more than the money.

Bottom line: If you have a chance to see Goatwhore, don't let it pass by. I just had one of the greatest days of my life. You could too. Goatwhore are amazing performers and I really do hope that they return soon.
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