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I waited five hours in line for this. Got the rail spot! Megadeth were fuckin amazing!! Head-banged like crazy and made direct eye contact with Chris!!!!

Seeing Ozzy, Slayer, Chuck Billy, Scott Ian, Vinne Paul and Lemmy from up close was also fuckin awesome! I shouted my ass off to greet all these heroes. Dave Mustaine got 'Golden God' award and Ozzy got the lifetime acheivement. I didn't give a shit about any of the other awards as they were fuckin lame as shit. Voted by kids and stupid Magazine emplyees and shit like that I'm sure.
Didn't care for the four opening bands. I was there to see Megadeth and Ozzy and loved every minute of them!! Got 2 free t shirts and a guitar pick before the show which they were giving out to the first few people in line. The Golden Gods shirt is kickass \m/ Don't care much for the hatebreed shirt so gave it to a friend.
Megadeth haven't announced any US dates yet and I'm wondering whats up with that! Oh well at least I saw them at this show although for a very short set. Still worth it for me!!! Who knows may be I need to save up some money and go to Canada to see them, as Dave has said in his most recent blog that they will do four shows with Testament in Canada and there was no mention of US.

Oh here's the winners list by the way .. as I said I cared only for 2 of these awards so don't diss me lol

* Most Awesomely Good Drummer: Vinnie Paul Abbott (HELLYEAH, PANTERA)
* Best Underground Metal Band: ISIS
* Metal Industry Award: Rainbow Bar & Grill
* Best Album: METALLICA
* Honorary Headbanger: Kat Von D
* Golden God: Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH)
* Best Riff: SLIPKNOT
* Most Viral Video: PROTEST THE HERO
* Most Metal Athlete: Shaun White
* Best Live Band: SLIPKNOT
* Best New Talent: SUICIDE SILENCE
* Lifetime Achievement: Ozzy Osbourne
* Best International Band: DETHKLOK
* MySpace Readers' Choice Award: THE ACACIA STRAIN
* Most Mind-Blowing Guitarist: Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King (SLAYER)
* Hottest Chick In Metal: Marta Peterson (BLEEDING THROUGH)

And oh by the way Megadeth's 1st song was Peace Sells..who's Buying (not 'Use Fire' ) and 2nd song was Sweating Bullets.
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