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Revolver Golden Gods -- Los Angeles, CA -- April 7th, 2009

Hey! I just got back from the show, it was awesome!! Brian Posehn hosted, and was hilarious! At around 5 o'clock, I arrived at Club Nokia, and was lucky enough to see Andrew (andrew_metalhead) from this site and he let me and my friends come in line with him. He was second in line! Now we're even, as I helped him out with a similar thing on Friday when we saw Lamb of God.

Lets get on to the show!

Killswitch Engage was the first band up. I didn't know what to expect from them. I have heard mixed reviews about their live performances. I was blown away. Adam D. was hilarious and it was just a fun set to participate in!

The setlist went as follows:
1. My Curse
2. (New Song)
3. Holy Diver

I hope to catch them on Mayhem Festival in the Summer!

Suicide Silence took the stage next. I didn't like them, and their performance confirmed my disinterest. It was like listening to one long breakdown. I will give them props for having energy. I've never seen whirlwind headbanging as they provide. I was pissed because there was a lot of hxc dancers in the pit.

I do not know their setlist.

Hatebreed took their sweet ass time to hit the stage. The pits were brutal, and they were everything I imagined them to be. Hatebreed continues to be one of my favorite hardcore band, and Jamey Jasta is a great role model.

I don't know the names of many of their songs but I think it went something like this:
1. Live For This
2. Destroy Everything
3. As Diehard as they Come
4. I Will Be Heard

All That Remains was the one band I had really high hopes for. They exceeded in entertaining me and provided the best mosh pit I've had the pleasure of taking part in. Phil Labonte had so much fucking energy. I love All That Remains, and would also love to see them on Mayhem Festival in the Summer

Their setlist was this:
1. Two Weeks
2. Chiron
3. This Calling

Megadeth was great. I feel bad because I can't name their complete setlist, a total of, 3 songs. I really wanna look into them and learn more of their songs. I believe Andrew got one of their setlists after, so he can definetely post it. My one complaint is that they didn't play my favorite Megadeth song Devil's Island.

Incomplete Setlist:
1. Peace Sells...Use Fire
2. (no clue)
3. Holy Wars

Let me end of saying that there was about a 10 minute intro for Ozzy and he literally came out and mumbled some words for approximately 15 seconds. Still gotta love his music.

Overall, this was a great night. I'm really glad I experienced these bands and got to participate in America's first metal awards show!!
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