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Crowd Surfing Wheelchair @ The Haunted Show

Originally Posted by ImmortalEmperor View Post
The Haunted tour stopped in Seattle last night to a small but loyal crowd of fans. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't own any Haunted albums and I had never listened to them before the show. I'm a big At the Gates fan, but for whatever reason the Haunted were never on my radar screen. I bought my ticket to see Nachtmystium who had to drop off the tour.

The verdict? I had a great time. The crowd was small but into it, and the band seemed to be having a good time. I'll definitely check out the albums.

Setlist (off the stage):

Little Cage
The Drowning
The Flood
The Medication
Moronic Colossus
All Against All
In Vein
Dark Intentions
Bury Your Dead
No Compromise
The Fallout
Bullet Hole
Hate Song
I was at this same show. I saw something I never have seen before at a show. A crowd surfing wheelchair guy. The first time he did it security was ok with it but warned him not to do it again. Of course he did it again, and was promptly thrown out.
Peter was very chatty as well. He even brought up a girl on stage who was having a birthday and let her be up on stage for a song. Overall, it was a great show!

5/22- 5/24 MDF
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