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The Adicts -- Riverside, CA -- April 5th, 2009

The Adicts "Life Goes on Tour"
at the American Legion post 79 in riverside California

I dont wanna get to crazy tossing around words
but the adicts put on the best live show i have ever seen
there wasn't a moment where there was no energy
it got so intense where they had to stop several times to tell the crowed to
chill out and give the rodies and security a break from fighting us off

set list is as follows:
(A Clockwork Orange theme intro)
1.Ode To Joy
2.Joker In The Pack
3.Let’s Go
5.Easy Way Out
6.Johnny Was a Solider
7.Fuck It Up
8.Life Goes On
10.Chinese Takeaway
11.All The Lucky People
13.Walk on
14.Swat Her
15.Viva la Revolution
16.Rocking wrecker
17.Songs of Praise
18.Naughty girl
19.Who spilt my beer?
20.How Sad
23.Bad Boy
24.Ode To Joy

im sure im missing a few songs and the order might be a bit out of place
hard to remember all the songs sense they played so many haha

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