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I see where you are coming from, I too LOVE Somewhere in Time, but the name of the Tour aside, it was always said to be a Greatest 80's Hit Tour. Idr ever seeing it being billed as "We play rare songs we hardly if EVER played." I also read it was in support of the Live After Death DVD, which this tour played most of the songs featured on that DVD. You had the 4 Powerslave Songs, the World Slavery Set, and the tour shirts... oh yeah... Powerslave-ish.

They do play some rare songs, just not always, you just don't have the luck of catching those shows.

This was a tour designed for the 80's songs, just like the "Eddie Rips Up The World Tour" was designed for the 1st 4 album songs. Next tour, you never know what you are gonna get. They may drop a lot of the songs you say are over played, but in the end, stop picking at what doesn't work for you, because it seems to work for the masses. The wants of the few do not out weigh the needs the many lol.
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