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I can't say it enough. There's a difference between cutting down the band as a whole and just citing something you don't like. I saw this tour twice, both shows were amazing. I understand the fact that when you're at a show, you don't care what's being played, you are just having a great time. However, the 99.9% of my life I spend not at Maiden shows, it is painfully obvious to me that their set lists are usually nothing but the most absolutely dull kind of bland. As I said, they have 14 studio album discography, and about 75% of it will never ever be played live again or for the first time, even though there's no good reason why. There's no reason why Maiden can't make a set list that contains a few "essential" hits for the people that want them, a bunch of new songs from whatever the would-be new album is, and a handful of rarities for the die-hard fans who don't want to pay expensive prices to see the same songs over and over again. Also, I understand the tour production value doesn't allow for much of this, but a night-to-night rotation of a couple of songs wouldn't kill them, either.
Maybe I just take offense to this tour because Somewhere In Time isn't only my favorite Maiden album, but one of my favorite albums ever made, and this tour seemed like it was finally going to get its due, as it is easily one of the most overlooked classic Maiden albums in the live environment. Instead Maiden gives us the big commercial hit and the one song that actually managed to survive in their standard live set for an extended period of time. These specific hits tours are supposed to give the band a chance to highlight some great songs they don't normally get to play. It seems like a total waste to me to just throw it away on the most boring and predictable choices they possibly could have made, Moonchild aside... but oh wait, they dropped that.

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