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First I want to say that I saw the band twice on this tour. Once about 4 GA rows back, the other on the rail. Both shows were absolutely amazing, but it's against my nature to just be overly agreeable and think that just because I had a great time, there can't possibly be anything wrong.

Bottom line:

Old set list: 9 songs from the period the tour is supposed to represent, including one song that had only been played on the tour for the album, 20 years ago (Moonchild).
New set list: 6 songs from the period of the tour supposed to represent, 4 of which are from the same album, 2 of which have been played on countless tours since the time they were released, as recent as the last studio album tour. (The Evil That Men Do, 2 Minutes to Midnight).

The point of these themed hits tours are to highlight some great songs that the band doesn't get a chance to play on a regular basis, focusing on certain areas of their career. By the time they got around to this leg, they opened with Aces High and played Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Big fucking deal.
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