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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
They should really just play Wrathchild at every show cuz it's so short and they obviously wouldn't need to rehearse it much. And it's a fucking great song
I don't think length has anything to do with it, which is sad. I'm pretty positive that Maiden are one of those bands that plays an arbitrary set of songs, regardless of length. If every song Maiden played was 5 minutes or less, they would still only play 16 or 17 songs, it's just the way they are, aka predictable and lazy.
Maiden are downright annoying when it comes to most of their set lists. They have a 14 album discography, packed with great songs that almost any true fan would enjoy hearing live. However, seriously about 70% of their discography is simply "off limits". There is practically no chance of the songs ever getting played live, again or for the first time. It's just shit. Take a god damn chance once in a while.
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