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Iron Maiden -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- April 2nd, 2009

Tour: Somewhere Back in Time Tour, Final Show
Headliner: Iron Maiden
Support: Lauren Harris
Venue: Bank Atlantic Center, Ft. Lauderdale, USA
Date: April 2nd, 2009
Attended With: es156, Jeremysaal

The story must begin on February 9th at around noon. I was home sick and felt terrible. I had stuff flying out both ends. I got on my laptop and did my average surfing and I ended with Blabbermouth. I almost re-shit my pants when they had a headline reading “Iron Maiden Announce Florida Show”. Those words have only been said locally as a joke and we always felt to be the butt of the Iron Maiden world, and then we get the last show of this Historic and Monstrous tour… Words can’t describe the personal feeling…

So I ended up talking to kids around campus and some of my teachers about the show. 2 of the English teachers I’ve had have seen Maiden and both love them for their lyrical content, so they debated going because of work. And over time, more and more people were getting interested. The forums were all raging with people saying they’d be there, and it was awesome seeing so many people from all over the world coming over, to my home, to see Maiden! Started the week before Maiden I edited the desktops of the computers of my school with Maiden Countdowns; I really made sure people knew about the show even if they didn’t know who Maiden was (Iron what? Right es156? Haha)

The night before Maiden I couldn’t sleep, it was like trying to sleep knowing you’ll wake up and you’ll experience something that will forever change you, and it was so immense and looming, sleep took a long time to occur. I woke up and took my shower, and my two friends arrived at 11am and we were off south on the road. We picked up two more, making the total 6 (My Dad, Me, and 4 Friends). 2 and a Half hours later we arrive at the arena and we were SHOCKED to see maybe only 50 people there at around 3 o’clock. We made our way to the line and I remember talking to Jeremysaal and he said he was tall bald and would have a Mexico shirt on. As soon as we walk up to the line, he arrives just ahead of me and I recognized the description, but I wasn’t going to outright say “Hey dude, are you Jeremysaal from Metalsetlists?”, that was a little too much for me so we progressively got to talking and I found out both es156 and Jeremysaal were there so it was nice, good conversations.

The turning point of the day was when es156 was sizing up the crowd and he turns to me and says “Man… With this many people we should get close to the barrier at least. So it shouldn’t be too bad.” To which I replied “Oh… I don’t have floor tickets…” The shocked face he had after that was priceless “Are you kidding me? You have been here this long for basically guaranteed seats? That’s dedication!” So we later found out this also my 1st time ever seeing Maiden and that led to a ::Fist Pump:: haha.

As the lines started to form for entry, I stayed to talk to some people I met from the Seattle Area. They told me this long tale of how they bought Floor tickets that never came, so they were voided, but those tickets finally arrived and they brought them. They offered me one, just to chance it, and IT WORKED! Well sort of… The lady scanned my “void” ticket and it was void, then on my toes said “Oh try this one…” I took out my real ticket, and she scanned it… It seemed like forever, about 5 seconds later it gave me the green check, and I was in to see Maiden for the 1st time ever, on the floor! After that you can guess that the show was awesome and everything was amazing.

It was great hearing from Bruce in front of the sold out show that Maiden will be back in 2011, and that we weren’t forgotten. The Florida date was filled with so many people from around the world. There were more people OUT of State/Country then people from Florida, but hey, good for them for traveling and seeing Maiden with us Floridians haha. With a few little mess up’s with the Stage and Audio aside, the show was flawless and Cracks my Top 5 Greatest Shows List!

01. Aces High
02. Wrathchild
03. 2 Minutes To Midnight
04. Children Of The Damned
05. Phantom Of The Opera
06. The Trooper
07. Wasted Years (Dave Murray Face)
08. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
09. Powerslave
10. Run To The Hills
11. Fear Of The Dark
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Iron Maiden (Giant Mummy Eddie!)
14. The Number Of The Beast
15. The Evil That Men Do (Cyborg Eddie!)
16. Sanctuary

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