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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Because in other countries they're a big fuckin' deal.
Here, 90% of the fans will go home saying "What the fuck, they didn't play ___" instead of "Holy shit, they played ___ and ___" etc.

One of the few good points brought up during the first season of That Metal Show was that their new material gets a lot more attention in other countries than it does here.

Generally in America, everyone wants to hear all of the songs off the first Maiden record they bought, what came out when they were in high school, or what the few and far between Maiden fans were listening to when they "killed their girlfriend's albatross" for the first time.
I'm already saying Holy Shit to a few of the songs. In the end, I feel a true fan would careless what they played, but rather that they saw them play. That's how I feel about tomorrow atleast. I've been wanting to see Maiden since I 1st heard them, and now I have my chance. But yeah, I can see where you are coming from. But idk how it started at my post haha
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