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Exodus -- Kansas City, MO -- March 31st, 2009


Bonded By Blood
? (something off of Atrocity Exhibition)
A Lesson In Violence
Children Of A Worthless God
And Then There Were None
Fabulous Disaster
War Is My Shephard
Strike Of The Beast
Toxic Waltz


Total War
Dread Command
Severed Reality
Systematic Genocide
Combat Shock

Notes: I didn't get in (21+ venue) so I stood outside for 4 1/2 hours in freezing weather to watch. It was worth it The sound and view was surprisingly good. Koktopus sounded great, and did a Slayer cover (Bloodline). Hammerlord sounded the best of the night. Seriously, they are something you need to watch out for. Warbringer were better when I saw them a couple weeks ago, but still good here. And Exodus. What can I say? There's a reason they fucking rule so much. During Exodus' set, the singer from Hammerlord hung out with me outside. Definitely gonna try and catch em on Friday.

Exodus - 9/10
Warbringer - 8/10
Hammerlord - 9/10 (CHECK THEM OUT )
Koktopus - 8/10
10/04 - Witchaven (?)
10/05 - Ghost
10/07 - Norma Jean (?)
10/12 - Negura Bunget
10/13 - The Sword (?)
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