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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
This set list is still worse than the old one, and I finally have a totally concrete reason as to why.
The new set list barely even really embraces the "theme" of the Somewhere Back In Time tour. This tour was mainly supposed to focus around Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, and Seventh Son, with some other songs from the first 4 albums. It was already silly that they played Fear of the Dark for the fuck of it, but this is just stupid.
Not going to delve into the quality of each song, but the 5 songs that used to be in the set list were The Clairvoyant, Moonchild, Heaven Can Wait, Can I Play With Madness, and Revelations. The 5 songs they replaced them with are Wrathchild, Phantom of the Opera, Sanctuary, The Evil That Men Do, and Children of the Damned. They basically took out 4 songs that are perfectly within the era the tour is themed around, and replaced them with one that they play more frequently than all other 4, and 4 songs the band have played as recently as 2005. This tour has basically become "The Best of Maiden 1980-1992, featuring Powerslave".
This is true, but the tour is really supposed to represent Powerslave, since that's what the DVD was based off of. I do agree with you though.

This basically supports my argument that Maiden have gotten lazy. Both in songwriting and performing. (but at least they aren't downtuning!)
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