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Pagan Knights -- New York, NY -- March 29th, 2009

I got there late and I was surprised to see Suidakra opening. i figured the new band, Alestorm, would open, unless they've been switching it up. Suidakra also said it was their last date on this tour (3/30 being the last for Tyr, and prob'ly Alestorm). Assuming it was their first number, i walked in on something, Conloach or Scathach (i'll try to pin it down later), then

Isle of Skye
Dead Man's Reel
Gilded Oars
Shattering Swords
The IXth Legion

Alestorm, which reminds me of Manowar, decided to go shirtless, except for the lead guitarist who was short and stocky kept his shirt on. Despite the keytar, good stage presence.

Over the Seas
Nancy the Tavern Wench ("a gay fuckin' ballad!" per the singer)
The Huntstmaster
Wenches & Mead
Set Sail & Conquer
Keelhauled (from the new upcoming album; paraphrased: a good old fashioned hoedown)
Captain Morgan's Revenge
Wolves of the Sea

Tyr were exceptional. Each song had great intro patter.

Hold the Heathen Hammer High (from the new upcoming album)
Sinlars Visn
Regin Smidur
Hail to the Hammer
Gatu Rima
The Wild Rover - a freeforall erupted onstage with Alestorm, Suidakra, and various crew singing altogether
The Edge
Wings of Time
Lokka Tattur
Ramund un Hinge

MY sincerest apologies if something is spelled wrong because i used the nearest approximation and not the actual character
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