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Originally Posted by Maiden33
Well the thing that makes it annoying is that they tour so fucking much with a set list so similar. Who wants to see a band 3 times in support of the same album if the set list is going to be exactly the same?
Yeah, it's a shame that they never stray from their formula. It was cool to see Moonlight and Anthem there at the beginning, but by now it looks like they're just going to stay there for the rest of the tour, with next to no variation. I'm sure it's awesome for people who are seeing them for the first time, but for veterans who see them live a lot, it really is a letdown. :/ Sometimes they pull out surprises now and then (they actually did Wander at a few US dates, and they did some TFL songs during the European tour last year, too), but it's almost always just one song, and it usually disappears within a few dates... not to mention that fantastic setlist from their last London show with Elizabeth and Serenade, with both those songs disappearing for the rest of the tour. Lame.

At the very least, it'd be nice if they could trade out WtLaD, Soul Society, CotU, and/or The Haunting for something else once in a while. I've seen Kamelot three times; I've seen those songs three times; and with OCWN it makes them four. Toooo many.
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